This challenge can be made in specific cases, so we have gathered all the information in this article.

If you are a merchant, also understand how chargeback affects your business. Keep reading!

How do I dispute a credit card purchase?

The chargeback can be made when the cardholder does not recognize the purchase made on the card statement , or when the transaction is irregular.

This type of challenge exists mainly to protect users from fraud, especially in digital media.

It is requested directly from the card provider, without going through the merchant first.

Each administrator has a way of handling this type of request, but it is usually possible to request a chargeback directly in the application or by contacting the call center.

What do I need to dispute a credit card purchase?

In cases of purchase withdrawal, you must speak to the retailer within 7 days, the period provided for in the Consumer Protection Code .

However, if the problem is an unrecognized purchase, such as card cloning or similar problems, the recommended thing is to contact the administrator, in addition to taking the appropriate measures.

Improper charges may also occur , such as more expensive rates than the contracted rate, etc.

Keep all the documents that prove the agreement, so it will be supported by the law.

When to dispute a purchase?

Upon realizing an improper charge, breach of agreement, delivery problems or product defect, immediately dispute the purchase.

In cases of withdrawal, as mentioned above, you will have 7 days to notify the store. In chargeback, this time increases, as it may take a while for you to notice the charge on your invoice.

Therefore, always carefully analyze each value of your invoice. It’s good for your safety and avoids headaches.

Who is responsible for the chargeback?

As much as it is done directly with the card, the person who pays for the refund is the store where the purchase took place.

They are the ones who will return the money, after all, the card administrator is just an intermediary between you and the store.

Should I dispute a purchase without first talking to the merchant?

Chargeback often means damage to the establishment. This is because he bears all expenses, and even loses the product in cases of fraud.

So, always try to settle with the merchant first, and if he doesn’t cooperate, contact the card administrator to request the chargeback.

Common reasons for filing a purchase dispute for chargeback

The dispute can occur for several reasons, from the simplest to the most complex to resolve.

In all cases, it is important to keep all documents or receipts that can help you show that the charge is undue.

See some of the most common reasons for credit card purchase disputes.


Card cloning is becoming more and more common. And both the holder and the shopkeepers suffer from this.

If you notice that one or more purchases have been made that you don’t recognize, immediately block the one you don’t recognize, immediately block the card and ask for the chargeback of the values.

commercial disagreement

A disagreement can be any kind of difference between what was contracted and what was charged or offered.

When that happens, you can, yes, ask for the chargeback. Just check if there was any clause that protects the store.

processing error

Purchasing systems, although stable, can have problems. Therefore, it is normal for processing and authorization errors to occur.

To avoid this, whenever you make a purchase using your card, check your statement. Thus, it guarantees that the collection was carried out correctly, without duplication.

Goods not received on time

Online shopping is very common these days, and with that there may be problems with product delivery.

If you made a purchase and did not receive it within the stipulated period, you can request a chargeback.

Just be careful, because if the product arrives after the dispute, you will have to return it.

Products with faults

Another common situation is the receipt of products with malfunctions, defects.

When you make a purchase, merchandise is expected to be in perfect condition, working and looking good.

If not, you can request a chargeback. Save images of the original product and the one received to prove the error.

I disputed a purchase Chargeback. And now?

The process of disputing a purchase usually takes a short time. After requesting the refund, just wait a few days until you receive the amount.

However, in some cases, it may take longer. This happens when the store does not accept the order.

That’s why it’s so important to keep everything that proves you didn’t make that purchase or that something is wrong.

It is also important to note that the amount is not deposited in your account. Chargeback refunds your credit card, eliminating the charge from your bill.

Chargeback for the entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably already know a lot about chargeback and how it can negatively impact your business.

When a person asks for a refund, the company loses the money for shipping, logistics and all phases prior to receiving the product.

This can be even worse when it comes to fraud, when the company does not even get the product back, as it is in the hands of the criminal.

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