Top 20 ways to make money online!

Want to make money online? So, find out the best ways to earn money online.

20 Best ways to make money online

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a best way to make money online. It is structured in the marketing approach where the person promotes goods from third parties, through blogs, websites or social media. And when a sale occurs from that, the money is received through commission.

2. Make money online With Digital marketing consultant

To provide services of this nature, it is necessary to have mastery over the area, as well as successful cases to publicize and have knowledge about sales. Many brands have the capital to invest in an internal marketing team, but don’t know how to structure it to get good results.

In this case, the digital marketing consultant will be the professional who will guide employees and draw up an approach plan for the company to achieve its business objectives.

3. Answers to online surveys

Companies are increasingly interested in knowing what customers think of their products. For this, they seek help from research sites to raise valuable opinions. The modalities of response and remuneration change from one site to another. Some questionnaires are made on the page itself, others are sent to the respondent’s email.

4. Online store

It is perfectly possible to make money with an e-commerce. However, online retailing is most successful when it is targeted at a specific audience. The reason is simple: the virtual market is huge and when trying to meet all consumer profiles, you will face a lot of competition. Therefore, it is recommended to enter a small niche to stand out and ensure recurring sales.

5. Creating a blog to sell your products

If you have an e-commerce or if you have registered in a large marketplace. you can boost your sales by creating a blog with rich content related to the items in your catalog. The secret is to use smart headlines in the body of the text and at the end to stimulate the readers’ purchase decision.

6. Make money online with Videos on YouTube

Having a YouTube channel is a way to make money through relevant video content. To do this, select areas or themes that you master in order to capture the public’s attention. It is important to post videos frequently to retain viewers and attract new ones. The value changes periodically, but on average, YouTube pays between US$ 0.60 to US$ 5.00 per thousand views.

7. Online courses

Designing and/or selling online courses is an advantageous way to undertake through the internet, as it presents good chances of profit. It is possible to commercialize video-lessons and digital teaching materials at any time of the day, dedicating itself solely to dissemination. To do this, you need to register on specific platforms.

8. Sale of used products

The internet simplifies life for those who want to make extra money by selling used items, because what is no longer useful to you can be interesting to other people. You can trade second-hand products of various types, such as shoes, decorations, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, etc. Register on popular commercial sites to increase your chances of selling ….

9. Sale by drop shipping to make money online

Drop shipping is an online store feature that allows you to make sales without having products in stock. With each order, the shopkeeper notifies the supplier, who separates and dispatches the goods to the buyer. Such a measure is very beneficial for those who want to start a business website with a lower initial investment , as inventory is quite costly for digital businesses that are just starting out.

10. Sales through Instagram

Speaking of sales, on Instagram it is possible to sell products with a strong visual appeal, such as accessories, decor , drawings, illustrations, clothing, furniture, beauty products. In addition, it is possible to offer services such as online courses, physical training and photographic instructions.

11. Digital influencer

The digital influencer is the individual who conditions the behavior and opinions of viewers through content published on communication platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Kwai and TikTok. To be a successful digital influencer, you need to have authority, authenticity, creativity, relevance and, obviously, a considerable number of followers.

12. Professional gamer

The electronic games segment is quite promising due to the wide variety of genres available. It is possible to act as a professional gamer by:

  • streaming games;
  • be a digital influencer specializing in games;
  • be an e-sports athlete.

13. Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant acts similarly to a conventional assistant, but remotely. Without the need to go to the company’s headquarters, the virtual assistant can serve several customers simultaneously over the internet.

14. Sale of infoproduct

The sale of infoproducts (e-books, video lessons, video tutorials, online mentoring, podcasts, etc.) is on the rise due to the growth of interest in online knowledge, helping to specialize in certain areas and topics without leaving home. To ensure financial return in this segment, just register on a specialized sales platform and create an infallible marketing approach.

15. Make money online as Freelance writer

The freelance writer works by writing for other people (individuals or legal entities), whether text articles for blogs, marketing emails, e-books, books , social media, among others. To start in the business, you need to write at least well and register on an online copywriting platform to intermediate the negotiation between clients who need freelance writers.

16. Freelance designer to make money online

The freelancer area is quite vast, so much so that the design segment is increasingly in demand. It is possible to act through graphic design for info products (e-books, info graphics and logos) and website design (layout, buttons, performance and color palette). Best of all, the design is in good demand, but it’s a competitive niche.

17. Freelance Traffic Manager

The traffic manager manages online advertisements. To work in the area, it is necessary to have practical command over advertising tools (Google Ads and Facebook Ads), traffic algorithms and also the consumer public of the contracting company and its commercial objectives.

18. Brand representation

A brand representative identifies new buyers, contacts them, presents the goods with demonstrations, negotiates prices, closes sales and forwards orders to the contracting company. To do this, just promote a brand’s product catalog on your social media in order to convince followers to buy such items.

19. Translation

Text translation is a great way to earn extra income. Therefore, if you master other popular languages ​​such as English, Spanish and French, it is perfectly possible to translate content to earn money without leaving your home .

20. How to make money online with Book narration

With the emergence of audio books (books in audio form), literature gained a new guise from reading to listening. In this sense, book narration can be a great opportunity for those who like to read and have good diction and intonation.

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