What are the benefits of selling over the internet?

Let’s imagine that you own a small business where, initially, your customers are limited to the residents of your street. In this example, your model is very fragile , as several simple factors that affect only your street could already bankrupt your business.

Thus, the more customers your store is able to reach, the more secure your business will be. And this is where one of the first great benefits of the internet arises: it allows you to sell to the whole world .

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone will buy your products. But now its showcase has a global scale . And the advantages of selling online don’t stop there. Check the  benefits below:

  • Low minimum initial investment required;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Wide source of accurate and real-time data from the virtual store;
  • home office
  • Greater scalability ;
  • Greater autonomy;
  • Possibility of acting as MEI (with invoice issue );
  • Availability of sales around the clock (24/7).

What are the main mistakes of those who sell online?

It has already become clear that learning how to sell products over the internetit may be the ideal opportunity for you to take off your e-commerce, but there is no point in trying to sell anyway!

Therefore, we separate some of the main mistakes of those who sell on the internet, check below:

1. Lack of planning

This point is the main reason why people fail when trying to sell online. Thus, when deciding to establish a business on the internet, it is necessary to have a well-defined strategic plan for the company.

Here are the main points you should keep in mind:

  • Product and target audience ;
  • Platforms that will be used (sales channels);
  • Price definition;
  • Logistics.

2. Lack of technical knowledge about digital platforms

The second mistake we’ve separated so you don’t make when learning how to sell online: learn how to sell online! It seems obvious or even contradictory, but believe me, it’s a very common mistake.

Study and seek to understand topics such as:

  • Digital marketing ;
  • Content marketing ;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • User Experience ;
  • Social networks and entrepreneurship ;
  • Learn to sell ;
  • Email marketing ;
  • Sales channels .

Furthermore, a good way to learn and keep up to date is by following pages and profiles that create valuable content in the digital segment.

3. Bad product promotion

Last but not least is the poor publicity of the product. This mistake encompasses several other bad practices that you should avoid if you want to be successful in internet sales .

Whether it’s not investing in a good profile that engages the public, or registering products incorrectly or even charging uncompetitive prices, it’s essential to give due importance to how your product is advertised.

Step by step on how to take off your internet sales 

Now it’s time to understand how to get your internet sales to take off . Follow the step-by-step guide below:

1. Define your product well

The first step is fundamental for any business: planning . Objectively define what you will sell. Among the infinite possibilities existing in the digital market, the main ones are:

  • Physical products;
  • Consulting (mentoring, advisory, etc.);
  • Classes or courses;
  • Services in general (freelance writing, assistance, translations, etc.);
  • Other people’s products ( affiliates ).

2. Define your niche

The second step is to establish who you will sell to. Something that may seem contradictory, but that can make you achieve results much faster, especially for those just starting out, is being specific in your niche.

It’s no use trying to please everyone or attract the attention of a large generic audience. Your strategy must be focused on a  target audience . For this, understand well who your persona is .

A tip: start selling and spreading awareness to the closest people. Thus, it is possible to grow organically with people who already trust you.

3. Create an audience

Regardless of whether you intend to sell a product or service, it is essential that you create an audience. In this sense, use social networks and other communication vehicles to engage your audience .

To be successful in this process, master technical knowledge about digital platforms and create a lot of content as often as possible, as the public buys from those who appear .

4. Invest and boost your business

To grow faster and more efficiently on the internet, sooner or later you will have to invest more in it. Whether in paid traffic or logistics, to evolve you need to be constantly changing.

It’s not that organic strategies are inefficient, but boosting your brand means investing in visibility .

In the same way, investing in User Experience , with a more pleasant website, or in a better design, adds value to your company, and helps to retain and win new customers.

Seek to carry out processes based on the data obtained, always iterating between research, hypotheses and attempts, so that your store can achieve the best possible results.

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